How to Reset Your Mac to Factory Settings

How to Reset Your Mac to Factory Settings

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Keep the name ‘Macintosh HD’ and set the format to ‘APFS’ or ‘Mac OS Extended ‘. Before you reset a Mac though, make sure you’ve backed up any important data that you won’t want to lose as performing a reset will wipe all of your files. Backing up your files will ensure that you still have access to them after the reset. As all the old user’s file are encrypted and then erased, even if those files are restored they would be useless without the encryption key. If you plan to sell the computer, you can stop here and let the new owner install a clean version of macOS. For those who plan to keep their Mac, your next step should be to reinstall macOS onto the computer. If you have an M1 Mac or Intel-based Mac with the T2 chip, shut down your computer completely and hold down the power button until Loading startup options appears on the screen.

  • Use it to remove the other account’s password.
  • As a technical specialist she also believes in learning and spreading knowledge about the current and trending aspects of various media formats, Adobe Photoshop and macOS troubleshooting.
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  • You can also delete a show entirely by selecting the “delete series” option from the menu.

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When a player logged in, there was a small button in the middle of the game screen which could be moved freely with the mouse. The introductory task system had to be completed or turned off for it to appear. The selection of items changed from spin to spin, but logging out and then logging back in resulted in no change. Spin to Win is an interactive popup that lets your visitors enter their email address to spin a wheel.

Introduction to Tasks

It just worked faster than what I was experiencing with the plan you advised. I finally got it done, but it was a long battle and my arms are wrecked. Still, it’s done, and I appreciate your very detailed explanation. I’ve struggled with my screen for such a long time and finally took the plunge to get the anti-glare coating professionally removed. I’m glad you find your way to deal with this issue. Personally, I haven’t noticed any change to the colors of the display after removing the AR coating using the baking soda method.

Wheel of Names

Chat logs will be included in transferred sessions and session reports. As an additional method of adding customers to their account, Service Desk technicians can now set up Active Directory registration and authentication. This allows Active Directory users to be automatically registered as customers when they log in from a company’s internal LAN.

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